Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another one writes on the dust

There are many things that car windows make people do.

1. It unleashes one's vanity---especially the well-tinted ones. Even for just a second, the person would glance at the car window to check how he/she looks for that moment. As one's hair flows with the polluted wind, the image that the car window reflects can give an immediate sense of satisfaction.

2. It urges one to commit temporary vandalism---especially the dusty ones. There is that excitement of being caught by the car owner and there is the relief that it will soon be washed off. People tend to get the urge to write and the popular ones include the male genitalia, their frat name or logo, and their own names.

In relation to the second item, I saw this dusty van parked in front of our office. And the one who committed the crime seems so angry yet utterly concerned. It seemed as if the van spoke to him and gave him the courage to send its message.

You can see that "AKO" is bigger, perhaps, stressing that the message came from the van and not from the person who wrote it. And it's anger is so obvious not only with the three exclamation points after the bad word but also with the follow-up "Ka".

Unlike drawing the male genitalia (for purposes that women like me will never understand), this temporary vandalism can yield to something good---an immediate car wash. Thus, giving car wash employees another customer which would yield to better income and a better economy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Legend of the Wild

This morning was different. The Clover lip inside me was resurrected when I saw this unique business sign of a shoe repair shop at the corner of Angel Linao and San Andres Streets.

I realized that there are still a lot of legends that we do not know of. For instance, do you know that there is a storybook entitled "Alamat ng Lamok?" And one of these legends is this: ALAMAT NI WILD KIKO!

Remember, he's not just an ordinary Kiko... He's a WILD KIKO!

I needed to know what that legend is all about but I was hesitant to ask the shoe repair boy. I had to keep in mind that people are very unpredictable in the place where I live---even if the streets' names are saintly (e.g.: Angel Linao---I'm not so sure about Linao, but I'm sure about the Angel Part---San Andres, Sta. Ana, San Marcelino). If he gets the feeling that I think his business name is "amusing," I might end up being in the watchlist of gangs in our side of town.

But I promise that I will ask soon. I guess I have to look for shoes that need repair so I can strike a conversation with this shoeshine boy who might be the key to the unraveling of the mysteries:

Who is Kiko? What happened to him? What is THE LEGEND OF WILD KIKO?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Show Your Face Part 1: Review with a View

Anyone can be a celebrity--as long as you have the resources or the resourcefulness to do it. This paradigm is the reason why I decided to blog this series of useless observations where people seem to find a need to show their faces.

Let me start off with review centers. (Deep breath...)

Gone are the days when review center ads feature big bold fonts of their names and purpose of existence. Nowadays, it seem to be utterly significant to entice their potential students with their faces, poses, and sense of fashion. Such as this billboard which I see daily whenever I pass by Morayta:

Sorry for the bad photo, the FX driver was trying to beat the yellow traffic light when I took this shot. So for a better look at the Sultan Review Group, here's a shot of them in one of their marketing collaterals:

However, the first time I was caught off guard by an ad like this was with a lightbox featuring a young guy, who, to me, seemed to look like a younger brother of Nyoy Volante. He turned out to be a very intelligent person who can teach nursing students how to pass the board exams with flying colors. He's no other than the "Ultimate Reviewer" himself, Carl E. Balita.

There are a lot of other review centers but this last group is one of the most eye-catching. Even its name sounds big time. Ladies and gentlemen, the Royal Pentagon Review Specialists:

These ads, perhaps, are just some of the perks of nursing students. They become a target audience of such inspiring ads which could be seen in waiting sheds, billboards, and lampost banners. Also, it removes the surprise of finding out what your teachers would look like. With ads like this, you get the privilege of getting the vibe on who you want to teach you.

Take your pick! :)

Coming Soon:

Show Your Face Part 2: Boracay Bombshells

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cloverlip presents SOMETHING DIFFERENT! :)

Sabi ko magcocommute na lang ako para makatipid eh! However, procrastination and an engaging conversation with my mom led me to a "no-choice-you-gotta-ride-a-cab" situation. On the cab's dashboard was this announcement.

And just like any other curious person with a set of eyes, I read what was written in it. (Please don't strain your eyes and try to read it from the previous pic because a zoom in shot is right below the next paragraph).

I really planned on an "MTV-like-stare-out-of-the-window-ride" and avoid any small talk that may arise because many taxi drivers usually like that. It was supposed to be just me and my 80's OPM love songs in my iPod. However, I was deeply touched by the driver's silence, his almost watery eyes, and his attempt to smile when he asked me if "E-Rod po ba ang daan?" The plea on the dashboard was personally his.

His 14-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with cancer last Dec 2009, and since then, he has been trying to find ways on how to find enough money to save his daughter's life. According to him, if he would walk around and ask money, he would lose his daily income as a taxi driver and it would not yield much.

He hoped, when the election was nearing, that candidates might help him. But it was futile. He goes around with a medical certificate, hoping that he would meet someone who might actually help.

But there is good news! Marie, his daughter, will soon be a cancer survivor! According to her doctor at PCMC, she's just two chemotherapies away from tumor removal and all she would need after that would be medication, rest, and a lot of supporting friends and families.

I usually round to the nearest tens the amount on the taxi meter. But yesterday's taxi ride was different. If you're interested in being a part of the life of a soon-to-be cancer survivor, don't hesitate to contact him:

Jong - 0925-5281430

Taxi details:
Rich and Famous - PYD424; 453-3222

There are a lot of amusing things around us and I just enjoy "appreciating" these by posting it on Cloverlip. But perhaps more than just observing these different interesting things, what matters more is making a difference. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Massage Message

OK. So I broke my promise. It has been more than a month since I vowed that I would be more faithful in posting. But it's just because that "Don't Play with Candles" post pressured me. That Manila City councilor really brought down my confidence in posting amusingly odd stuff here in cloverlip. If you have no idea what I'm pertaining to, click this purple thing --> or just scroll down.

It seemed like nothing's so unusal anymore. It really shook me ... but I'm ok now. :)

Perhaps it's because of this brochure--its honesty on the reality that sometimes, people assume that there is more to lotion and powder than just rhythmic touch.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Wag Maglaro ng Kandila!

It's been a while since I made an entry and I promise that I will be more faithful in providing quality, informative, and mature content in this blog.

So here's a very intriguing "reminder" from a Manila City councilor. This shot was taken prior to the 2010 elections, sometime in May (She was re-elected by the way).

It was May. Not November.

It was a "reminder" for kids. But it does not talk about studying hard, staying away from drugs, or sleeping in the afternoon.

This one was completely something else. It was out-of-the-box, groundbreaking, mind-blowing.

Remember this. Resist the natural instinct of collecting the wax droplets from your (or your neighbors') candles and forming it into balls. Practice self-discipline. Don't play with candles. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fishdog vs. Fishman

In a collection of illustrated hybrid animals by our college barkada, one of my friends (Jemuel) drew a disturbing "fishdog". Though the name is soooo creative unlike gagamboar (gagamba and boar), or garapante (garapata and elepante), we laughed our hearts out because of the weird illustration.
However, just when I thought fishdog was the shiznit, I met another kind of fish. On the first day of our DVBS at church with a water theme, the kids welcomed "Flounder" with so much enthusiasm. I love the Little Mermaid but seeing Flounder in this state is totally...different. :)

Fishdog or fishman? :)
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